5 Reasons Why A Book Can Be Your Best Friend

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Olga Navarin
Tháng Ba 6, 2020
5 Reasons Why A Book Can Be Your Best Friend

When I was a child, my mother used to tell me that “a book can be your best friend”. I’ve always loved reading, but I never fully understood what she was telling me, me until I grew older. Reading has always been a sort of escape from reality, the moment in which I can reach inner peace and well being.

Today I want to share with you what I understood about books and why they can truly be our best friends!

Book lovers, this is for you!

1. A book doesn’t judge you.

You can read whatever you want without feeling judged by your book! If you don’t enjoy a book, you can put it down without fighting with them; if you want to re-read a novel, you can do it multiple times…A book is always there for you and it never makes you feel judged!

2. A book never leaves you alone.

Whether you are traveling, waiting for your turn at the post office or just home alone, reading can bring you a lot of company! In silence or in chaos, a book can make you feel less alone.

3. A book always teaches you something.

If you read a love story, you can learn that love doesn’t like prejudices, or that true love basically always win, even if the process of winning may be hard. Instead, if you read a book of Economics, you’ll learn a lot about production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Basically: if you read, you learn!

4. A book helps you to know yourself better.

Sometimes we can’t find proper words to describe our feelings and situations. And sometimes we find in a book the same exact story that we are living. Characters and words can help us to rationalize or feelings and to really start to understand and express them!

5. A book makes you live other lives.

While reading, you can basically become what you want. A hero from the past, a little girl who wants to become a ballerina, a serial killer or a politician. It’s the most amazing thing about books: they can make you live other lives, try things you’d never have the chance to and feel things you thought they were impossible.