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The Mastersons, a wealthy Bostonian family, await the arrival of their cousin Anna in the wake of her grandfather's death. Though born in Boston, Anna, who prefers the name Oceana, spent most of her life on a tropical island in the Pacific with her father. A free spirit, her practices and values surrounding proper dress, romance, and entertainment clash with those of her conservative relatives. What will happen as patience and tolerance wear thin for both parties when alluring Oceana catches the eye of a married man?

Upton Sinclair, though best known for his novel The Jungle, an expose of the meatpacking industry, was also a playwright whose works for the stage reflect the same progressive viewpoints found in his other writing. Published as part of the collection Plays of Protest in 1912, this play was heavily influenced by the character of "Nature Man," an American hippie in Tahiti, from Jack London's book The Cruise of the Snark. This production is dedicated to Denny Sayers. (Mary Kay)

Cast List:
Oceana Talbot: Elizabeth Klett
Mrs. Sophronia Masterson: CJ Plog
Quincy Masterson, M.D: ToddHW
Freddy Masterson: Joseph Tabler
Ethel Masterson: Mary Kay
Mrs. Letitia Selden: April Walters
Henry Selden: Larry Wilson
Remson: David Olson

Narrated by Denny Sayers

Editor: Mary Kay
Prooflisteners: baileyspring and Kathrine Engan

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