Audiolibro: Tyranny of the Dark

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Tyranny of the Dark

1 - Book 1, Chapters 1-4


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Dr. Morton Serviss is a promising young scientist who believes in the here and now. Viola Lambert is a beautiful young woman who is haunted, and sometimes possessed, by the spirits of those who have died. After a chance meeting, they both are about to have their perceptions challenged. Viola longs to escape from the life of a medium, but is unable to do so. Her mother and her pastor both encourage her in her abilities, and besides, she believes that the spirits themselves will never release her. Dr. Serviss doesn't believe in spirits, but he does see the necessity of her escape from the life she is living, and he is determined to release her. - Summary by Devorah Allen **THE CHARACTERS CONCERNED _Those in the Light:_** Viola Lambert, _the subject:_ [Availle]( Mrs. Lambert, _her mother:_ [Nichole James]( Jospeh Lambert, _her step-father:_ [ToddHW]( Anthony Clarke, _her pastor:_ [James R. Hedrick]( Dr. Britt, _her physician:_ [Mike Manolakes]( Morton Serviss, _her lover:_ [John Payton]( Kate Rice, _her friend:_ [Devorah Allen]( Dr. Weissmann, _her investigator:_ [kromaine]( Simeon Pratt, _her patron:_ [Algy Pug]( Clinton Ward: [Roger Melin]( Mr. Lambert's Cook: [Wayne Cooke]( Dinner Hostess: [Jenn Broda]( Dinner Guest: [Anthony Joseph]( Pratt's Guest 1: [Jennifer Wilson]( Pratt's Guest 2: [Mira Williams]( A Detective: [Mason Lewis]( An Author: [Mira Williams]( Pratt's Usher: [Mason Lewis]( Pratt's Servant: [Wayne Cooke]( Pratt's Maid: [Scarbo]( Dr. Tolman: [Shawn Clayton]( Kate's Maid: [Lauren-Emma Blake]( A Reporter: [Andrea Atwood]( _**Those in the Dark:**_ Waldron, _her father:_ [Mark Kilkelly]( MacLeod, _her "control":_ [Alan Mapstone]( Waltie, _her poltergeist:_ [Andrea Atwood]( Jennie Pratt, _Pratt's eldest daughter:_ [Jenn Broda]( "Loggy": [Larry Wilson]( Great Aunt Dosia: [Jennifer Wilson]( Adele: [Jenn Broda]( Mrs. Serviss: [Jennifer Wilson]( Mina: [Jenn Broda]( Narrated by: [Michele Eaton](
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