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The Hidden Mask is a thrilling fast paced mystery that will have you hooked from start to finish. The mystery begins when Lawrence Clayton arrives home one evening to find his apartment unlocked, and stretched upon the floor at his feet lay the body of an unknown man, dead, evidently murdered, lying on his floor. With an effort he drew himself erect, turned around, and saw that he was not alone. A ghastly looking Dwarf was standing right there and entered his home. Thus starts a chain of the most intriguing events shrouded in mystery, frustration, and at times danger, one after another. Unfortunately, when he tries to report it and tell his best friend, he has not one shred of proof for anything, leading all to think he is having delusions. But he’s not - the “Hidden Mask” is a mystery that will keep you begging for the answers right down to the end. (Summary by Laurie Banza)

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