Audiolibro: Speeches of Prince Bismarck, Part 1

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Speeches of Prince Bismarck, Part 1

1 - Professorial Politics


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A collection of Bismarck’s speeches translated by art historian Edmund von Mach and published in 1914 as part of THE GERMAN CLASSICS—an extensive twenty-volume collection of German literature which, according to George Viereck in a 1915 article published in THE FATHERLAND, included 487 works from ninety-two personages. “Bismarck did not write out his speeches” according to v. Mach and “published accounts are copied from official stenographic reports.” The obvious exception here is the ‘Speech from the Throne’ which was written by Bismarck on behalf of Wilhelm I who delivered it in response to the French declaration of war in 1870. The names here attributed to them are drawn from the content and phrasing of the speeches themselves. In this part are the speeches _Professorial Politics_ (1863), _Speech from the Throne_ (1870), _Alsace–Lorraine a Glacis Against France_ (1871), _We Shall Never Go to Canossa!_ (1872) and _Bismarck as the “Honest Broker”_ (1878). - Summary by Alister
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