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One-Act Play Collection 017

1 - 1. Tradition, by George Middleton


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Here, in our 17th collection, are 10 One Act Plays for your enjoyment. They range from 1600's to 1900's, from Japan to Russia (in Russian), all in short gems to make you laugh, cry, think, or all three. Note that Play 10 is long and so its second half is included on section 11. Also, as indicated in the cast list, two of the plays - numbers 1 and 7 - may not be in the Public Domain outside of the US.- Summary by ToddHW Cast lists: 1\. Tradition, by George Middleton. BC for this play is kristakz NOTE: Middleton died in 1967. This story is not PD for readers in Europe and/or Australia, and other countries which observe copyright of author's death +70 years. George Ollivant: [Greg Giordano]( Emily, his wife: [WendyKatzHiller]( Mary, his daughter, an actress: [Joanna Michal Hoyt]( Stage direction: [Larry Wilson]( 2\. The Trumpeter’s Daughter, by Joseph Stirling Coyne. BC for this play is ktaylor07 Phillipot [Andrew Gaunce]( Michael Angelo Muller [Alan Mapstone]( Robin [Adrian Stephens]( Achilles Laplomb [Greg Giordano]( Madelon [Kelly S. Taylor]( Stage Directions [James R. Hedrick]( 3\. Who Kissed Barbara by Franz Rickaby. BC for this play is jennlea Barbara Nicols, the bridesmaid: [Jenn Broda]( Katherine Blake, the bride: [Dawn Sutton]( James, the butler: [Adrian Stephens]( Paul Blake, the best man: [Tomas Peter]( Horace Gregory, the groom: [Greg Giordano]( Stage Directions: [TJ Burns]( 4\. Pariah, by August Strindberg. BC for this play is WendyKatzHiller MR. X., an archaeologist, Middle-aged man: [adrianstephens]( MR. Y., an American traveller, Middle-aged man: [Greg Giordano]( Stage directions: [WendyKatzHiller]( 5\. Hagoromo by unknown, a Japanese noh play, translated by Ernest Fenollosa. BC for this play is Availle Tennin: [Jenn Broda]( Chief Fisherman Hakuryo: [Alan Mapstone]( Fisherman: [James R. Hedrick]( Chorus and Semi-chorus: [ToddHW]( Narrator: [Availle]( 6\. The Forced Marriage by Moliere. BC for this play is Toddhw Sganarelle: [arbycoors]( Geronimo: [Greg Giordano]( Alcantor, father to Dorimene: [James R. Hedrick]( Alcidas, brother to Dorimene: [Adrian Stephens]( Lycaste, in love with Dorimene: [Bahram]( Pancrace, an Aristotelian Philosopher: [ToddHW]( Marphurius, a Pyrrhonian Philosopher: [Alan Mapstone]( Dorimene, a young coquette betrothed to Sganarelle: [SheriLynnWarren]( First Gipsy: [Sonia]( Second Gipsy: [Lee Vogler]( Stage Directions: [redrun]( 7\. Helena's Husband By Philip Moeller. BC for this play is JHedrick NOTE: Moeller died in 1958. This story is not PD for readers in Europe and/or Australia, and other countries which observe copyright of author's death +70 years. Helena, Queen of Sparta: [Dawn Sutton]( Tsumu, her slave: [C. M. Hedrick]( Menelaus, the King: [Greg Giordano]( Analytikos, his librarian: [Alan Mapstone]( Paris, a shepherd: [arbycoors]( Stage direction: [ToddHW]( 8\. (In Russian) Самоубийца. Аркадий Тимофеевич Аверченко. BC for this play is HannaPonomarenko Билевич, самоубийца: [Anastasiia Solokha]( Инженер Берегов, его приятель, очень умный человек: [Hanna Ponomarenko]( Лиза, горничная Билевича: [Sonia]( Сценические ремарки: [Kazbek]( 9\. Cousin Cherry by by Henry Spicer. BC for this play is ktaylor07 Charles, Earl of Mandeville [Greg Giordano]( Thomas Primrose [Tomas Peter]( Jacob Primrose [Alan Mapstone]( Cousin Cherry [Kelly S. Taylor]( Elinor Primrose [Krista Zaleski]( Servant [James R. Hedrick]( Stage Directions [ToddHW]( 10\. Countess Julie by August Strindberg. BC for this play is wib66 Countess Julie: [WendyKatzHiller]( Jean, a valet: [Greg Giordano]( Kristin, a cook: [Kelly S. Taylor]( Stage Directions: [ToddHW](
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