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Essays on art, letters, thoughts, aphorisms - Goethe's thoughts were dealing with artworks of every branch of arts. He addressed many aspects of the artistic process and described his impressions of works of arts - and even dilettantism - in his essays. Being one of the great masters of german written arts, Goethe used his own skills to express his thoughts: while Section 25 is more of a commented list of pictures in a gallery, two other sections are dramatic readings. Furthermore there are letters, talks and thoughts to entertain - I hope, these essays may function as a worthy treasure-chest for the interested. S.G. Ward translated this fine selection of Goethe's publications around these topics. - Summary by schrm ### Characters section 16: The Collector and his Friends - Letter 6 Guest: [Stacy Dugan-Wilcox]( I: [ToddHW]( Narrator, Julia, editing: [Rapunzelina]( Uncle: [Alan Mapstone]( ### Characters section 21: On Truth and Probability in Works of Art Spectator: [ToddHW]( Intro, friend of the artist, editing: [schrm](
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