Audiolibro: Country of the Blind, and Other Stories

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Country of the Blind, and Other Stories

1 - Introduction


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A collection of Wells' short stories, with a short introductory essay by the author- "Essentially it is a miscellany of inventions, many of which were very pleasant to write; and its end is more than attained if some of them are refreshing and agreeable to read. I have now re-read them all, and I am glad to think I wrote them. I like them, but I cannot tell how much the associations of old happinesses gives them a flavour for me. I make no claims for them and no apology; they will be read as long as people read them." (From the author's Introduction.) H.G. Wells is best known as a writer of science fiction; "The Country of the Blind and Other Stories" is a collection only incidentally touched by science.
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