Audiolibro: Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines

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Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines

1 - ACT 1, PART 1


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Captain Robert Jinks has formed a marching club with some friends to promote a political candidate, earning him the moniker Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines. When they discover that opera diva Madame Trentoni is arriving from Europe, Jinks and his buddies go down to the dock to meet her. Jinks bets his pals a large sum that he can romance her, but when Jinks finally encounters Madame Trentoni, he is so taken by her that he immediately concedes the bet and gives his friends his IOU for the wager money so he can court her without what he now sees as an unseemly wager. Romance blossoms between Jinks and the opera diva, that is until that IOU resurfaces at a most inconvenient moment... - Summary by Son of the Exiles Cast list: CAPTAIN ROBERT CARROLTON JINKS: [Alan Dove]( CHARLES LA MARTINE ('Charlie'): [Adrian Stephens]( AUGUSTUS BLEEKER VON VORKENBURG ('Gussie'): [HelloCentral]( Professor BELLIARTI: [Alan Mapstone]( The HERALD Reporter: [Sonia]( The TRIBUNE Reporter: [Krista Zaleski]( The TIMES Reporter: [Greg Giordano]( The SUN Reporter: [Sandra Schmit]( The CLIPPER Representative: [David Purdy]( A Newsboy ('Peter'): [Tomas Peter]( An Official Detective: [ToddHW]( A Sailor: [Zach Hoyt]( A Policeman: [James R. Hedrick]( A Telegraph Boy: [Larry Wilson]( A Servant: [David Purdy]( MADAME TRENTONI (AURELIA JOHNSON): [Matea Bracic]( MRS. GREENBOROUGH: [Michele Eaton]( MRS. JINKS: [Lynette Caulkins]( MRS. STONINGTON, Vice-President of the Anti-French Literature League: [Nissy]( 1st Ballet Lady (Miss PETTITOES): [TJ Burns]( 3rd Ballet Lady: [Sandra Schmit]( 4th Ballet Lady (FRAULEIN HOCHSPITZ): [Krista Zaleski]( 6th Ballet Lady (MRS. MAGGITT): [Jenn Broda]( MARY: MADAME TRENTONI’S Maid: [Jenn Broda]( Stage Directions: [TriciaG]( Editing: [ToddHW]( Stage Directions: [TR Love]( Editing: [ToddHW](
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