Audiolibro: Adelphi: or, The Brothers

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Adelphi: or, The Brothers

1 - Act 1


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"Micio and Demea are two brothers of dissimilar tempers. Demea is married, and lives a country life, while his brother remains single, and resides in Athens." Things quickly get a bit messy with hushed-up debauchery, kidnapping/elopement/theft of a slave, general carousing, and marriage nuptials - the usual for the day perhaps, except that: "The Play concludes with a serious warning from Demea, who advises his relatives not to squander their means in riotous living; but, on the contrary, to bear admonition and to submit to restraint in a spirit of moderation and thankfulness." - Summary by The Translator Cast list: Demea, Brother, aged Athenian: [Max Körlinge]( Micio, Brother, aged Athenian: [Adam Bielka]( Hegio, an aged Athenian, kinsman of Sostrata: [Ethan Hurst]( Æschinus, son of Demea, adopted by Micio: [Tomas Peter]( Ctesipho, another son of Demea: [Shashank Jakhmola]( Sannio, a Procurer: [Son of the Exiles]( Geta, servant of Sostrata: [ToddHW]( Parmeno, servant of Micio: [Devorah Allen]( Syrus, servant of Micio: [alanmapstone]( Dromo, servant of Micio: [Devorah Allen]( Pamphila, a young woman beloved by Æschinus: [Lydia]( Sostrata, a widow, mother of Pamphila: [KHand]( Canthara, a Nurse: [Eva Davis]( Stage Directions: [Sonia]( Edited: [ToddHW](
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