Audiolibro: World of Girls: The Story of a School

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World of Girls: The Story of a School

1 - Chapters 1-3


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If you are a fan of Girl's School tales this one will definitely not disappoint. Filled with fantastic adventures of midnight feasts, gypsy sightings and naughty pranks, this charming story centers on two very opposite characters. Hester Thornton, very proud, mourning the recent loss of her mother and the separation of her beloved little sister is determined to hate the school to which her father has sent her. Annie Forest, a very pretty, rather wild yet kind hearted girl who has been a resident of the school the last 4 years is the school favourite in spite of her many pranks and scrapes. Miscommunication and envy causes a strong mutual dislike between them, and the addition of mean-spirited actions by a 3rd party leads to many exciting and dramatic events as well as touching moments. - Summary by Celine Major

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