Audiobook: Uncle Wiggily in Wonderland (Version 2)

Uncle Wiggily in Wonderland (Version 2) cover

Uncle Wiggily in Wonderland (Version 2)

1 - Uncle Wiggily and Wonderland Alice


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Uncle Wiggily, the irrepressable flop eared rabbit, has more adventures and this time he goes underground through the strange world of Wonderland Alice. You are invited to hop along and see what odd and funny things happen. "Once upon a time, after Uncle Wiggily Longears, the nice bunny rabbit gentleman, had some funny adventures with Baby Bunty, and when he found that his rheumatism did not hurt him so much as he hopped on his red, white and blue striped barber pole crutch, the bunny uncle wished he might have some strange and wonderful adventures. "I think I'll just hop along and look for a few," said Uncle Wiggily to himself one morning. He twinkled his pink nose, and then he was all ready to start." - Summary by phil chenevert and the author

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