Audiobook: Wing of Azrael, Volume 2

Wing of Azrael, Volume 2 cover

Wing of Azrael, Volume 2

1 - Chapter 15. Betrothed


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Mona Caird, a British writer and feminist, criticized in numerous non-fiction writings the state of marriage as it existed in her time. Her novel The Wing of Azrael reflects her criticisms. This is the second volume of three. In volume 2, Viola Sedley is facing a coerced marriage to Philip Dendraith. With the wedding fast approaching, she voices her concerns to her mother about Philip's animal abuse. Her mother is unmoved, claiming that Viola can wield her influence to change Philip for the better. Harry Lancaster makes tenacious efforts to save her from the impending marriage, but to no avail. A new resident of the village named Sibella Lincoln creates a stir in the community because of rumors that she had abandoned her husband and run off with another man. Harry and Sibella work together to find a way to help Viola, now trapped in a miserable marriage. (Summary by Scarbo)

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