Audiobook: Wind in the Willows (Version 7 Dramatic Reading)

Wind in the Willows (Version 7 Dramatic Reading) cover

Wind in the Willows (Version 7 Dramatic Reading)

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Join Mole and Water Rat for terrifically fun romps along a river and through burrows and forests . . . visiting with Otter and Mr. Badger, and witnessing crazy adventures by Mr. Toad as he evades the authorities and meets various interesting individuals. Kenneth Grahame's classic was first published in 1908, but continues to delight young and old folks today. (Summary by Lynette Caulkins)

Cast List:
Narrator: Lynette Caulkins
Badger: Scott Caulkins
Mole: Shelly
Toad: Patrick Smith
Otter: Marissa Siobhan
Wayfarer/Sea Rat: J. Schumacher
Water Rat/Elderly Rabbit: Jim Hedrick
Girl: Jasmin Salma
Engineer: Rich Brown
Barge Woman: Vonna
Gentleman: Larry Wilson
Gypsy: Wayne Cook
Rabbit 2: Mira Williams
Rabbit 3: Joanna Michal Hoyt
Conscience: Sandra
Hedgehog: Little Peanut
Fieldmouse 1: Andrea Attwood
Fieldmouse 2: Robin Lamb
Fieldmouse 3: Starling Reader
Chairman/Caroler: Mozart Jr.
Clerk: Marie Christian
Sergeant: Amanda Chandler
Detective 1: David Purdy
Detective 2/Caroler: Therese Lindholm
Detective 3: Glehnmarc Hibburt
Fox/Caroler: Jenn Broda
Sparrow 1: Diane Alailima
Sparrow 2/Caroler: Fiona Wilson
Sparrow 3/Caroler: Meredith Wilson
Sparrow 4: Medorakay
Sparrow 5: Jonny117
Ferret: Scarbo
Stoat/Motor Car: Jack Ball
Caroler: Diane
Caroler: Mira Williams

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