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"This comedy was produced at Drury Lane on December 14, 1702. It is the most accurate of all Farquhar's productions. The plot, though improbable, is well constructed and sustained, the dialogue lively and entertaining, whilst the characters of the Younger Wouldbe, Mrs. Mandrake, and Teague are so naturally drawn as to appear real personages, dependent little upon the art of the actor or the imagination of the author for their creation." (Critic Alex. Charles Ewald)

Note that there is an attempted rape in the play, which gets downplayed - the woman even partially blames herself, saying "this late adventure has taught me how dangerous it is to provoke a gentle man by ill usage." However -- and surprisingly considering this is from 1702 and not 2018 -- the epilogue then provides an apology to women, and a reminder that this is just a play -- and a comedy at that -- and that we shouldn't take the actions too seriously, but with a grain of salt. It's entertainment, not so much a social commentary (TJ and ToddHW)

Cast list:
Hermes Wouldbe, elder Son and heir to Lord Wouldbe: ToddHW
Benjamin Wouldbe, his Brother: Tomas Peter
Richmore, a gay dissipated Rake: Kurt
Captain Trueman, his Nephew, and friend to Hermes Wouldbe: Jim Gallagher
Subtleman, an Attorney: Son of the Exiles
Fairbank, a Goldsmith: Devorah Allen
Balderdash, a Vintner: Nemo
Clearaccount, Steward to Lord Wouldbe: alanmapstone
Comic, a Poet: Availle
Jack, Valet to Benjamin Wouldbe: graceahlin
Teague, Valet to Hermes Wouldbe: Monika M. C.
Frisure, Valet to Benjamin Wouldbe: April6090
Constance, betrothed to Hermes Wouldbe (also Prologue): Eva Davis
Aurelia, her Cousin, beloved by Captain Trueman: TJ Burns
Mrs. Clearaccount, Wife to Clearaccount: Leanne Yau
Mrs. Mandrake, a Midwife and Procuress: Sonia
Alderman: Larry Wilson
Constable: Foon
Fourth Gentleman: Stefan Von Blon
Fifth Gentleman: Foon
Mob: April6090
Maid: Availle
Footman: Roger Melin
Servant: Adriana Sacciotto
Stage Directions: Sandra Schmit
Edited by: ToddHW

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