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Percy Egerton-Bompas, M.P., and Mrs Bompas have secrets in their family. Which promise grave difficulties as they try to marry off their daughter. To say nothing of the potential political implications to a promising career.... A comedy. Which, with Pinero, does not preclude serious topics being seriously addressed. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Percy Egerton-Bompas, M.P.: Adrian Stephens
Mrs. Egerton-Bompas: Sonia
Howard, their son: Dale Burgess
Beryl, their daughter: thestorygirl
Countess of Ripstow: TJ Burns
Denham, Viscount Lurgashall, her son: Tomas Peter
Hon. Montague Trimble: ToddHW
Timothy McShane, M.P.: Alan Mapstone
Mrs. Hooley: Cliona Woodbyrne
Honoria, her daughter: Linda Olsen Fitak
Miss Cazalet: Jenn Broda
Lucy Tuck: Annie Mars
Jelf: Son of the Exiles
Stage Directions: Larry Wilson
Editing: ToddHW

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