Audiobook: Swine-Gods and Other Visions

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Swine-Gods and Other Visions

1 - Forward by Israel Zangwill


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Regina Miriam Bloch is a somewhat enigmatic figure in the world of Weird Fiction, having written only two slim volumes (The Swine-Gods and Other Visions and The Book of Strange Loves), yet her language and impact of writing style is unrivaled. The Swine-Gods and Other Visions is a haunting, at times grotesque, at times exuberant collection of strange and otherworldly fables, filled with pagan deities, bizarre allegorical parables and rich imagery unlike anything in print at the time. The dream worlds that Bloch creates, of priests sacrificing souls to boar-headed gods, of demons rising from witches' cauldrons, of mutilations and tortures, but also with a small measure of hope and appreciation for the musicality of Life, these visions are truly remarkable and worthy of experiencing. (Summary by Ben Tucker)

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