Audiobook: Mabinogion, Volume 1

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Mabinogion, Volume 1

1 - The Lady of the Fountain


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Sample a moment of magic realism from the Red Book of Hergest:

On one side of the river he saw a flock of white sheep, and on the other a flock of black sheep. And whenever one of the white sheep bleated, one of the black sheep would cross over, and become white; and when one of the black sheep bleated, one of the white sheep would cross over, and become black.

Before passing on to the Mabinogion proper, Lady Charlotte Guest devotes Volume I of her compilation of medieval Welsh tales to three brief romances of Arthurโ€™s Court. The centrepiece is the story of Peredur, the Dumb Youth โ€“ known elsewhere as Perceval, Parzifal, the Holy Fool, et al.

This is the violent world of satin-clad knights and their clashing encounters, peremptory slayings of giants and cave-dwelling monsters โ€“ a world where love is as sudden and final as death. (Introduction by Martin Geeson)

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