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Hundredth Chance

1 - Part 1 Chapters 1-2


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In this prequel to "Charles Rex'' by Ethel M. Dell you will meet the aristocratic blackguard Lord Saltash for whom our distressed heroine Maude Brian still holds deep feelings. Dedicated to the care of her younger crippled brother whom she adores, Maude eventually agrees to a marriage of convenience in order to escape from a home which has become unbearable after her mother marries a brutish hotel owner. Jake, an honest, strong and silent type, agrees to the marriage because he is secretly in love with her but refrains from showing it which leads to many regrettable misunderstandings. This is a lovely old fashioned romantic drama filled with strong emotions. And whether or not you have read Charles Rex, you will definitely find the prequel enlightening and compelling. - Summary by Celine Major

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