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In this romantic Victorian melodrama, the main characters must learn to see through the deceptive fronts that other present in order to discover their heart’s true desires. Dramatic reversals of fortune prevent Julia, a young lady from the country and her guardian, the embittered Master Walter, from finding happiness and love. (Summary by Kelly Taylor )

Cast List

Julia Kelly S. Taylor
Helen Wendy Katz Hiller
Master Walter Wayne Cooke
Thomas Clifford Andrew Latheron
Modus Andrew James
Fathom Adrian Stephens
Rochedale Alan Mapstone
Lord Tinsel ToddHW
Master Heartwell James R. Hedrick
Gaylove MotleyMoose
Simpson Greg Giordano
Stephen Greg Giordano
Williams Greg Giordano
Thomas Larry Wilson
Holdwell Larry Wilson
First Female Attendant Michele Eaton
Second Female Attendant Hannah Dormor
Waiter Rebecca Brown
Servant Jake Malizia
Stage Directions Joanna Michal Hoyt

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