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1 - Chapter 1. Alias Cagliostro


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Springing forth from the pages of Weird Tales comes celebrated author Greye La Spina's exciting tale of black magic and the occult! When painter Luke Porter is approached by eccentric occultist Cagliostro Moderno to accompany him to the sinister Fanewold Castle, he is at first skeptical. But after a series of seemingly happenstance events lands Luke at the castle's doorstep with a terrified Moderno in tow, he is drawn into the mystery of The Master, a cloaked figure who skulks in darkness and worships Lucifer, preparing his young and innocent cousin Sybil for a terrifying ritual. Can Luke and Cagliostro, with the aid of Sybil's handmaid Alden, endanger their very souls to save the fair Sybil from the foul clutches of The Master? Serialized over three issues of Weird Tales, The Gargoyle was Greye La Spina's follow-up to her acclaimed first serial Invaders from the Dark and was later reissued in a facsimile reprint by Robert Weinberg in 1975. (Summary by Benjamin Tucker)

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