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Essentials of Spirituality

1 - The Essentials of Spirituality


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This recording contains four addresses of Felix Adler (1851-1933) concerning spirituality from the perspective of Ethical Culture, an educational and religious movement founded and first led by Adler, based on the belief that living in accordance with ethical principles is central to a meaningful and fulfilling life. – Lee Smalley “Spirituality is morality carried out to the finish….The ultimate end (of spirituality) itself is to elicit worth in others, and, by so doing, in one's self. The indispensable condition of this attitude is to ascribe worth to every human being before even we observe it, to cast as it were a mantle of glory over him, to take toward every fellow human being the expectant attitude, to seek the worth in him until we find it.” – Felix Adler, Dec. 11, 1904

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