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Early Lives of Dante

1 - Preface and introduction


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This recording contains two early biographies of Dante, both written by notable Florentine literati.
Giovanni Boccaccio (1313 -1375) was an Italian poet, most famous for his monumental collection of tales, The Decameron. Like Dante, Boccacio was one of the first writers to use the Italian vernacular.
Lionardo Bruni (Aretino) (1369- 1444) was an accredited historian and man of letters. His short biography was inspired by reading the version of Dante's life by Boccaccio, who he considered had mispresented Dante by over-emphasizing the influence of his association with Beatrice.
In his collection Wicksteed also included short articles wrtten by the Florentine banker and diplomat Giovanni Villani (c. 1276 – 1348), his nephew, the historian Filippo Villani (fl. 15th century) and Boccaccio. (Summary by Algy Pug)

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