Audiobook: Stratagems and The Aqueducts of Rome

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Stratagems and The Aqueducts of Rome

1 - The Life and Works of Sextus Julius Frontinus


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Frontinus' Stratagems is a collection of examples of military stratagems from Greek and Roman history, which the author comments based on his own experience as a general in Germania. Many of the stories he tells can also be found in other Roman authors like Valerius Maximus and Livy. His most famous work however is De aquaeductu, The Aqueducts of Rome, an official report to the emperor on the state of the aqueducts of Rome, in two books. It presents a history and description of all the nine aqueducts that provided the water-supply of Rome in the first century, as well as information about the laws relating to its use and maintenance, and the quality of water delivered by each. (Summary by Leni)

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