Audiobook: Pollyanna, the Glad Girl: A Four-Act Comedy

Pollyanna, the Glad Girl: A Four-Act Comedy cover

Pollyanna, the Glad Girl: A Four-Act Comedy

1 - Act I


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Miss Polly Harrington is not at all pleased to be taking charge of her orphaned niece - but duty is duty, and that's how Pollyanna Whittier ended up in New England. Cheerful and ever-optimistic, Pollyanna sets out to infect the whole town with her "Glad" game, getting into some trouble along the way! How will strict Miss Polly react to the orphaned cat, dog, and, worst of all, BOY Pollyanna offers as a gift? What will happen when Pollyanna sets out to break into the fairy-tale castle next door and play the Glad game with the "Beautiful King" - or lonely old hermit - closeted inside? What is the great secret that Miss Polly, the hermit, and his friend seem to be keeping? And how will Pollyanna and her friends cope with a great tragedy that seems to forever wipe out all reason for being glad? This stage adaptation of the classic novel is now dramatized with a full voice cast and is sure to delight the whole family! (Summary by Rachel)

Narrated by Twinkle
Pollyanna, the "Glad Girl": Rachel
Miss Polly Harrington, her aunt: Beth Thomas
John Pendleton, Esq., a bachelor, called "the hermit": John Burlinson
Doctor Chilton, Pendleton's friend: Todd
Jimmy Bean, an orphan: Tomas Peter
Nancy, Miss Polly's servant: KHand
Bleecker, Pendleton's man: K. Adrian Stroet
Miss Carroll of the Ladies' Aid: Adele de Pignerolles
Mrs. Carmody of the Ladies' Aid: MaryAnn
Mrs. Gregg of the Ladies' Aid: Lian
Nurse: Charlotte Duckett

Audio edited by Rachel

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