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One Act Play Collection 016

1 - Hyacinth Halvey by Lady Augusta Gregory


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Here, in our 16th collection, are 10 One Act Plays for your enjoyment. They range from Moliere to Jane Austen, from Comedy to Tragedy, all in short gems to make you laugh, cry, think, or all three. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast lists:
1. Hyacinth Halvey by Lady Augusta Gregory. BC for this play is wib66
Stage Directions: Joanna Michal Hoyt
Hyacinth Halvey: ToddHW
Fardy Farrel: Krista Zaleski
Mrs Delane: Michele Eaton
James Quirke: Greg Giordano
Sergeant Carden: James R. Hedrick
Miss Joyce: gracenfisk224

2. Barbara by Kenneth Sawyer Goodman. BC for this play is jennlea
Barbara: Jenn Broda
Archie: Andrew James
Eccles (Archie's Man Servant): James R. Hedrick
Narrator: Wayne Cooke

3. Which is The King? by Walter Watts. BC for this play is ktaylor07
King Henry IV Kelly S. Taylor
Baron Ratsdorf Greg Giordano
M. de Branville Algy Pug
LaFleur Adrian Stephens
Timothy Woodenhead Alan Mapstone
1st Courtier Glenn Proud
2nd Courtier Joanna Michal Hoyt
Amelia Branville Matea Bracic
Jenny Softheart Jenn Broda
Stage Directions James R. Hedrick

4. Cocaine by Pendleton King. BC for this play is jakemalizia
Joe Greg Giordano
Nora Sonia
Stage Directions Jake Malizia

5. Freezing a Mother-in-Law by Thomas Pemberton. BC for this play is Rapunzelina
Mr. Watmuff: Greg Giordano
Ferdinand Swift: Tomas Peter
Walter Litherland: Andrew Gaunce
Mrs. Watmuff: Kelly S. Taylor
Emily: Matea Bracic
Stage Directions: Larry Wilson

6. Isosceles by Walter Ben Hare. BC for this play is jennlea
Jim Lyons: Greg Giordano
Paul Verdier: ToddHW
Reba Lyons: Krista Zaleski
Stage Directions: Wayne Cooke

7. The First Act of a Comedy by Jane Austen. BC for this play is Salvationist
Hostess: Michelle Purdy
Maria: Michele Eaton
Cook: Sonia
Charles: Jake Malizia
Pistoletta: Joanna Michal Hoyt
Popgun: Greg Giordano
Chloe: Jenn Broda
Chorus of ploughboys: David Purdy
Strephon: Tomas Peter
Postilion: ToddHW
Stage directions: James R. Hedrick

8. The Day After the Wedding by Maria Theresa Kemble. BC for this play is ktaylor07
Colonel Freelove Greg Giordano
Lord Rivers yourbookvoice
James ToddHW
Groom Jim Locke
Lady Elizabeth Kelly S. Taylor
Mrs. Davies Michele Eaton
Stage Directions James R. Hedrick

9. Sganarelle: or The Self-Deceived Husband by Moliere, translated by Henri Van Laun. BC for this play is toddhw.
Gorgibus, a citizen of Paris: Alan Mapstone
Lelio, in love with Celia: Greg Giordano
Sganarelle, a citizen of Paris and the self-deceived husband: ToddHW
Villebrequin, father to Valere: Larry Wilson
Gros-Rene, servant to Lelio: Rémi
A Relative of Sganarelle's Wife: James R. Hedrick
Celia, daughter of Gorgibus: Jenn Broda
Sganarelle's Wife: Sonia
Celia's Maid: Joanna Michal Hoyt
Stage Directions: Jim Locke

10. Comedy and Tragedy by W. S. Gilbert. BC for this play is toddhw.
Duc D'Orleans, Regent of France: Alan Mapstone
D'Aulnay, Clarice's Husband: Greg Giordano
Doctor Choquart: Jim Locke
Abbe Dubois: Wayne Cooke
De Grancy: Andrew Gaunce
De La Ferte: Joanna Michal Hoyt
De Courcelles: Rémi
Viscomte De Mauzin: HelloCentral
De Broglio: Larry Wilson
Joseph, a Servant: James R. Hedrick
Pauline, Clarice's Sister: Sonia
Clarice, an Actress: Michele Eaton
Stage Directions: ToddHW

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