Audiobook: Nine Sci-fi Stories by Poul Anderson

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Nine Sci-fi Stories by Poul Anderson

1 - Industrial Revolution, Part One


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'Industrial Revolution': Workers in a distant miner's facility plot emancipation from Earth. The military might have some say in the matter.

'Captive of the Centaurianess': A scientist, a warrior princess and a Martian walk into a bar. And revolutionise space travel.

'What Shall it Profit?' A mysterious, underground research facility is discovered. Does it hold the key to eternal life? Or much deeper consequences?

'The Virgin of Valkarion': In a Rome-like empire, a barbarian encounters a warlord with a scheme to overthrow the empire, and a princess that wants to stop it. 'Catalysis': Mutiny brews on a long-distance spaceship. Are they all going to die?

'World of the Mad': A scientist's wife keeps having terrifying visions. Is it the planet or is it just her?

'Innocent at Large' (Written with Karen Anderson): When attempting to scam an experienced deep space explorer, one must be careful.

'Witch of the Demon Seas': A warrior with a vanquished army. Across the dangerous seas to reclaim his fame!

'Sargasso of Lost Starships': A general with a vanquished army. Into the dangerous void to reclaim his fame!
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