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Manfred is a dramatic poem in three acts by Lord Byron, and possibly a self confessional work. A noble, Manfred, is haunted by the memory of some unspeakable crime. In seeking for forgetfulness and oblivion, he wanders between his castle and the mountains. He has several encounters with the people who try to assist him, as well as spirits that rule nature and human destiny. The poem explores themes of morality, religion, guilt and the human condition. (Summary by TimSC)

Manfred: TimSC
First Spirit/Narrator: Elizabeth Klett
Second Spirit: Snapdragon
Third Spirit: Verity Kendall
Fourth Spirit/Second Destiny: Kristingj
Fifth Spirit/Third Destiny: Grace Garrett
Sixth Spirit: Charlotte Duckett
Another spirit/Second voice without: Arielle Lipshaw
First Destiny: Rhonda Federman
Nemesis: Amy L. Gramour
Arimanes/A voice/Manuel: Martin Geeson
Chamois Hunter: Chuck Williamson
Witch of the Alps: Amanda Friday
Abbot of St. Maurice: Algy Pug
Herman: Great Plains
Phantom of Astarte: Duan
Audio edited by Elizabeth Klett

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