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Letty is another one of Pinero's Social Plays, exposing the double standard of woman's reputations suffering for actions that in men were not only allowed, but even expected. Letty is a romantic shop assistant who considers bettering her station in life with a marriage to her employer. This play was filmed as a silent movie in 1919 as The Loves of Letty. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Nevill Letchmere: Tomas Peter
Ivor Crosbie: Andrew Gaunce
Coppinger Drake: artvo88
Bernard Mandeville: Alan Mapstone
Richard Perry: ToddHW
Neale, a Commercial Traveller: JoeBer
Ordish, Agent for an Insurance Company: Greg Giordano
Rugg, Mr. Letchmere's Servant: Wayne Cooke
Frederic, A Maitre d'Hotel: FreckleFriday
First Waiter: emrolgould
Second Waiter: David Purdy
Mrs. Ivor Crosbie (Florence): Sonia
Letty Shell, Clerk at Dugdale's: Jenn Broda
Marion Allardyce, Clerk at Dugdale's: Matea Bracic
Hilda Gunning, An Assistant at Madame Watkin's: MJ Rodriguez
Stage Directions: Marie Christian
Editing: ToddHW

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