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Kéramos : and other poems

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This is a collection of 51 poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. which include many sonnets, plus 7 translations of poems by Virgil, Ovid, Michael Angelo and others. The signature 20 minute poem, Kéramos, whisks us on an imaginary magic cloak around Europe to visit the most famous potteries of olden times, and the many edifices their ceramic art adorns and/or commemorates. Keramos is a name still used today for the study of ceramic materials both for art and for technology.

2-17 are grouped under BIRDS OF PASSAGE Flight the Fifth
18-36 are grouped under A BOOK OF SONNETS, PART II
37-43 are grouped under TRANSLATIONS
44-51 are grouped under SEVEN SONNETS and a Canzone, from the Italian of Michael Angelo

- Summary by Michele Fry

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