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Jo's Boys (version 2 Dramatic Reading)

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Jo’s little men and women are grown up and entering new stages of life. Along with discovering their individual niches, there are lots of lessons to study, plays to perform, and parties to attend… and love is undeniably in the air. When three of Jo’s most beloved boys embark on journeys of their own, they encounter some of the most difficult challenges ever faced in their young lives. Meanwhile, back at home, Jo and her family must be strong when they receive the news that not all three of the boys may return. Will Emil, Nat, and Dan find their way home to Plumfield?

Find out in Jo’s Boys, the final installment of the Little Women trilogy by Louisa May Alcott. (Summary by Twinkle)

Cast List:
Narrator: Christine Lehman
Jo Bhaer: MaryAnn
Fritz Bhaer: Paul Simonin
Dan Kean: Tomas Peter
Emil Hoffmann: George Allen
Nat Blake: Zames Curran
Demi Brooke: McKinnie Lee Sizemore
Daisy Brooke: Rachel
Josie Brooke: Twinkle
Rob Bhaer: Kangaroo
Ted Bhaer: ABFries
Bess Laurence: Esther ben Simonides

Additional characters voiced by Adele de Pignerolles, Alex Inigo, Ashur Gharavi, Barbara Anne Scott, Beth Thomas, Brenda Davidson, Chee Sing Lee, David Olson, Devorah Allen, Diane Alailima, Delmar H Dolbier, Drew Johnson, Eva Davis, Hannah Mary, Jael Baldwin, Julie Barkley, Kalynda, Kangaroo, Laura Riley, Leanne Yau, M. Licciardello, Michelle Kane, Rachel Lundstrom, RecordingPerson, Romano, Shasta, SherlHolmesMD, Sonia, Stacy Simon, Starling Reader, ToddHW, TrudiBvoice, Will the Ninja, and Zames Curran

Audio edited by Cari Shorrock, KHand, Twinkle, and Zames Curran

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