Audiobook: How Salvator Won and Other Recitations

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How Salvator Won and Other Recitations

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox is an American poet known for her popular lyrics that capture positive and uplifting themes. This volume is quite diverse, including the concluding piece that is read as a little play. Her preface to expresses the unique character of this collection. “I am constantly urged by readers and impersonators to furnish them with verses for recitation. In response to this ever-increasing demand I have selected, for this volume, the poems which seem suitable for such a purpose. In making my collection I have been obliged to use, not those which are among my best efforts in a literary or artistic sense, but those which contain the best dramatic possibilities for professionals. Several of the poems are among my earliest efforts, others were written expressly for this book. In “Meg’s Curse,” which has never before been in print, and in several others, I ignored all rules of art for the purpose of giving the public reader a better chance to exercise his elocutionary powers.- Summary by Larry Wilson

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