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Fires and Fire-Fighters

1 - Introduction


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John Kenlon became a New York City firefighter in 1887, and was appointed Fire Chief in 1911. In 1913, he wrote this authoritative book surveying the history of fire-fighting from ancient Rome to 20th-century New York. The first part of the book explores the evolution of fire-fighting techniques in various countries and the development of equipment and organization, and describes several famous historical fires and how they were fought. The remainder of the book discusses in greater detail some particular types of fires confronting an urban fire department in 1913, such as hotel, theater, factory, hospital, and school fires, sea port fires, and skyscraper fires. The author also emphasizes the need for high pressure water delivery systems, sprinkler systems, modern apparatus, and proper training for firefighters, and touches on the role of underwriters and salvage corps. - Summary by Maria Kasper

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