Audiobook: Confessions, volumes 3 and 4

Confessions, volumes 3 and 4 cover

Confessions, volumes 3 and 4

1 - 01 - Vol. 3: "Leaving the service of Mme de V..."


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โ€œThe smallest, the most trifling pleasure that is conveniently within my reach, tempts me more than all the joys of paradise.โ€

Here again is the youthful, hero-worshiping Jean-Jacques โ€“ displaying an emotional immaturity that leads him into picaresque escapades in the company of transients and misfits, always ending in reunion with mother-surrogate Madame de Warens.

In a literally unprecedented gesture of self-revelation, Rousseau opens Volume 3 exposing himself indecently in dark alleyways. This 1903 edition fails to appreciate the humorous strangeness of the passage and removes it to protect the reader. (Summary by Martin Geeson)

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