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Spiritual and practical lessons are extracted from every verse of the Book of Matthew, as well as detailed explanation of the text. The Book of Matthew is part of the New Testament in the Holy Bible and is one of the four gospels. The other 3 gospels are Mark, Luke, and John. Matthew was a tax collector before becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. The style of his gospel suggests that he was directing his message to Jewish readers. His work aims to systematically prove that Jesus Christ is the messiah who has been prophesied about in the Old Testament. He did this by revealing each prophecy in that book fulfilled by Jesus Christ. (Summary by Nadege Bernard)

The Book Coordinators for this project included: Rob Paire, Samantha J Gubitz, Fiddlesticks, and Barry Eads.

The Proof Listeners for this project included: Annise, Fiddlesticks, Barry Eads, and Elijah.

The Meta Coordinators for this project included: Annise and Barry Eads.

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