Audiobook: Commentary on Hebrews Chapter 8

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Commentary on Hebrews Chapter 8

1 - Hebrews 8:1


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I should rejoice if any of you felt emboldened on . my advice to grapple with a work so ponderous as Owen’s Commentary on that Epistle - a lengthened and laborious enterprise certainly, but... the only thing to be attended to is, that in virtue of being well directed, it shall not be wasted on a bulky, though at the same time profitless erudition. I promise you a hundredfold more advantage from the perusal of this greatest work of John Owen, than from the perusal of all that has been written on the subject of the heathen sacrifices. It is a work of gigantic strength as well as gigantic size; and he who hath mastered it is very little short, both in respect to the doctrinal and practical of Christianity, of being an erudite and accomplished theologian. - Summary by Thomas Chalmers

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