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Carry On, Jeeves

1 - Jeeves Takes Charge


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"Leave it to Jeeves" was Bertie's motto, be the question one of a colour of a tie, the style of a hat, the cut of a coat. Jeeves was always right. There was no one like him to placate rich uncles or indignant mammas. He said just the right thing at just the right moment.

What did it matter that Jeeves was somewhat of a tyrant, and that without his approval Bertie could not grow so much as a moustache? Was he not always there to lean on in moments of stress? And moments such as these were frequent in the life of Bertie and his friends. Jeeves service was extended to them all.

"Carry On, Jeeves" is a collection of ten short stories, many of which had previously appeared in the Saturday Evening Post, and some were rewritten versions of stories in the collection My Man Jeeves. (Summary from an original jacket and by Maria Therese)

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