Audiobook: Captain John Crane, 1800 - 1815

Captain John Crane, 1800 - 1815 cover

Captain John Crane, 1800 - 1815

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John and David grew up best of friends, outgoing and full of adventure. Living but miles from the sea west of Boston, right on the cusp of manhood at the end of America’s Revolutionary war, the ocean’s siren song beckoned to both. At the peak of adolescence, they struck out on foot in pursuit of their shared dream. Two days to Boston and only one day there found them aboard ship for a whirlwind of adventure beyond their wildest dreams. The next fifteen years shaped a future for the fledgling mariners that seems spun as a flaxen yarn --- were it not so historically accurate. - Summary by Tom Hirsch

You are listening Captain John Crane, 1800 - 1815 - Thomas Wallace Knox.
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