Audiobook: Astounding Stories 16, April 1931

Astounding Stories 16, April 1931 cover

Astounding Stories 16, April 1931

1 - Monsters of Mars by Edmond Hamilton -1


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Contents of this issue :-
MONSTERS OF MARS EDMOND HAMILTON - Three Martian-Duped Earth-Men Swing Open the Gates of Space That for So Long Had Barred the Greedy Hordes of the Red Planet. (A Complete Novelette.)
THE EXILE OF TIME RAY CUMMINGS - From Somewhere Out of Time Come a Swarm of Robots Who Inflict on New York the Awful Vengeance of the Diabolical Cripple Tugh. (Beginning a Four-Part Novel.)
HELL'S DIMENSION TOM CURRY - Professor Lambert Deliberately Ventures into a Vibrational Dimension to Join His Fiancée in Its Magnetic Torture-Fields.
THE WORLD BEHIND THE MOON PAUL ERNST - Two Intrepid Earth-Men Fight It Out with the Horrific Monsters of Zeud's Frightful Jungles.
FOUR MILES WITHIN ANTHONY GILMORE - Far Down into the Earth Goes a Gleaming Metal Sphere Whose Passengers Are Deadly Enemies. (A Complete Novelette.)
THE LAKE OF LIGHT JACK WILLIAMSON - In the Frozen Wastes at the Bottom of the World Two Explorers Find a Strange Pool of White Fire—and Have a Strange Adventure.
THE GHOST WORLD SEWELL PEASLEE WRIGHT - Commander John Hanson Records Another of His Thrilling Interplanetary Adventures with the Special Patrol Service.
THE READERS' CORNER ALL OF US - A Meeting Place for Readers of Astounding Stories.

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