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Anna Christie

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Eugene O'Neill's drama Anna Christie was first produced on Broadway in 1921 and received the Pulitzer Prize in 1922. It focuses on three main characters: Chris Christopherson, a Swedish captain of a coal barge and longtime seaman, his daughter Anna, who has grown up separated from her father on a Minnesota farm, and Mat Burke, an Irish stoker who works on steamships. At the beginning of the play Chris and Anna are reunited after fifteen years apart. Anna comes to live on her father's coal barge, but hides the secret of her past from him. When she meets Mat after an accident in the fog, they almost immediately fall in love - but Anna finds that forging a new future will not be easy. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)

"Johnny-the-priest": Nullifidian
First Longshoreman/Voice: jwg
Second Longshoreman/Johnson: Marty Kris
Postman: Max Korlinge
Larry: Matthew Reece
Chris Christopherson: Lars Rolander
Marthy Owen: Pat Redstone
Anna Christopherson: Elizabeth Klett
Mat Burke: Tadhg Hynes
Narrator: David Goldfarb

Audio edited by Elizabeth Klett

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