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Habiendo terminado sus estudios secundarios, regresa Rodolfo a su ciudad natal, Villaverde, a encontrarse con la noticia que sus queridas tías se han empobrecido para proveerle esa educación. Las pobres ancianas, una enferma, han tenido solo a la dulce Angelina cuidándolas. De vuelta en la casa de su niñez, Rodolfo empieza a sentir cariño por la joven que ha cuidado tan bien a las ancianas que lo criaron. (Resumen por Karen Savage)

Having finished his secondary education, Rodolfo returns to his native city, Villaverde, to discover that his beloved aunts have impoverished themselves to provide him with that education. The poor ladies, one of them ill, have had only sweet Angelina to help them. Back in his childhood home, Rodolfo begins to feel affection for this young woman who has taken such good care of the women who raised him. (Summary by Karen Savage)

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