Audiobook: Romance of the Moors

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Romance of the Moors

1 - Chapter 1. Wooing and Winning


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Dick Coverdale is secretly betrothed to his neighbor, the beautiful Bessie Saunders. When a visitor to the area named Margaret Ellwood appears on the scene, however, Dick starts to regret his decision to marry Bessie.

After Dick confides his troubles to Margaret, she attempts to guide him down the right path. But Margaret herself is unsure of how to advise him. On the one hand, she knows that it would be unfair to Bessie if Dick were to marry her despite not loving her. On the other hand, Margaret fears that if Dick breaks things off with Bessie, the latter’s heartbreak could last a lifetime.

Events come to a head when Dick’s busybody aunts set out to manufacture a scandal involving the young betrothed couple. What will be the right paths for Dick, Bessie, and Margaret? (Summary by Scarbo)

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