Zauberlinda, the Wise Witch cover

Zauberlinda, the Wise Witch

Eva Katherine Gibson (1857-1916)

1. Introduction
2. Chapter 1 - Annie's Home
3. Chapter 2 - Annie's Friends and Pets
4. Chapter 3 - The Rescue of the Young Prairie Dog
5. Chapter 4 - Pete Pumpernickel Tells about the Fairies
6. Chapter 5 - Annie's Seventh Birthday
7. Chapter 6 - The Prairie Dog Sings a Funny Song
8. Chapter 7 - Annie is Taken to the Gnome King's Palace
9. Chapter 8 - Annie Meets King Goldemar
10. Chapter 9 - Annie is Shown the Magic Crystal
11. Chapter 10 - Annie Sees the Court Goblin
12. Chapter 11 - The Gnome King's Smithy
13. Chapter 12 - Annie's Escape and the Fat-Heads
14. Chapter 13 - Annie Wanders Through the Valley of the Yubbs
15. Chapter 14 -The Craw-Fish and the Crow
16. Chapter 15 - Annie Meets Zauberlinda
17. Chapter 16 - The Lost Child is Carried Home

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Annie Elfrida McLane lives in a little brown house of the South Dakota prairie, within sight of the Black Hills. Her father is a widower and prospects for gold there; Annie lives at home with her grandmother and the servants, Marthy Stubbs and Pete Pumpernickle. Annie has no neighbours, no other children to play with, and no school to attend; she is sometimes lonely and despondent. She is dependent for company on her black cat Silvertip, the farm animals around her, and creatures of the surrounding fields and meadows that she sometimes makes her pets. In the summer when she turns six years old, Annie rescues a wounded prairie dog from a trap. It is a strange little animal, and the other creatures of Annie's world are afraid of it. Annie makes a little house for the prairie dog, but the animal soon escapes back to the wild. Follow their adventures. ( Michele Eaton )