Young Folks' History of the American Revolution cover

Young Folks' History of the American Revolution

Everett T. Tomlinson (1859-1931)

1. Preface
2. The People in America
3. The Beginnings of the Trouble
4. The First Bloodshed
5. The Resort to Arms
6. The Choice of a Commander
7. The Fall of Fort Ticonderoga
8. Bunker Hill
9. The Continental Soldiers
10. The March on Quebec and the Evacuation of Boston
11. Independence
12. Moore's Creek and Sullivan's Island
13. The Struggle on Long Island
14. Events in and near New York
15. The Flight across the Jerseys
16. Trenton and Princeton
17. Arnold and Carleton
18. Preparing for a New Campaign
19. Burgoyne's Plans and Tryon's March upon Danbury
20. The Invasion by John Burgoyne
21. Bennington
22. The Mohawk Valley
23. Burgoyne's Surrender
24. Brandywine and Germantown. The Story of the Flag
25. Monmouth and Newport
26. Sullivan's Expedition. Paper Money
27. The Taking of Stoney Point
28. Sufferings and Exploits of the Common People
29. Minor Engagements. Arnold and Andre
30. The Revolt of the Soldiers. The Prison Ships
31. The Struggle in the South
32. Greene's Work in the South
33. Stories of the War in the South
34. The Beginning of the End
35. Washington's March and Arnold's Raid
36. The Surrender of Cornwallis
37. The Struggle on the Sea
38. Peace

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This work has grown out of the desire frequently expressed to the writer when he has been lecturing on the American Revolution, that in some way the experiences of the people as well as the deeds of the armies in that trying period might be presented to the present generation. The author has given to the public this narrative, in which the course of the armies in the various campaigns is followed and, at the same time, many of the forgotten or ignored experiences and deeds of the common people are also incorporated.