Young Folks' Bible cover

Young Folks' Bible

Josephine Pollard (1834-1892)

1. Preface and Introduction
2. God Made the World
3. The Great Flood; and a Great Tower
4. Abraham: The Man of Faith
5. Jacob and Esau
6. Jacob and Rachel
7. Joseph and His Brethren
8. Through the Red Sea and the Wilderness
9. How Joshua and Jephthah Fought for the Lord
10. Samson, The Strong Man
11. Ruth
12. Job
13. Samuel, the Child of God
14. Samuel, the Man of God
15. David and Saul
16. Soloman, the Wise Man
17. Elijah
18. Elisha
19. Jonah, the Man Who Tried to Hide from God
20. Daniel
21. The Good Queen Esther
22. The Birth of Christ
23. The Star in the East
24. The Boyhood of Jesus
25. Jesus and John the Baptist
26. The Woman at the Well -- Jesus by the Sea
27. Jesus Heals the Sick and Does Good Work on the Day of Rest
28. The Sermon on the Mount
29. Good Words and Good Works
30. Jesus at the Seashore
31. Jesus Brings the Dead to Life -- Feeds Five Thousand
32. Jesus Heals the Sick -- His Form Changed on the Mount
33. The Good Samaritan -- Martha and Mary -- The Man Born Blind
34. Jesus the Good Shepherd -- Lazarus Brought to Life -- The Feast and Those Who Were Bid to It
35. The Prodigal Son -- The Pharisee and the Publican -- Babes Brought to Jesus -- Zaccheus Climbs a Tree
36. The Feast of the Passover -- The Supper at Bethany
37. Parables of Our Lord
38. The Lord's Supper -- Jesus in Gethsemane -- The Judas Kiss -- Peter Denies Jesus
39. Christ Before Pilate -- Christ on the Cross
40. Jesus Leaves the Grave -- Appears to Mary -- Stephen Stoned -- Paul's Life, Shipwreck and Death
41. What John Saw While on the Isle of Patmos -- The Great White Throne -- The Land of Light

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The Sweet Stories of God's Word in the Language of Childhood.