Yellowstone National Park:  Six Early Pieces cover

Yellowstone National Park: Six Early Pieces


1. Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden And The Founding Of The Yellowstone National Park
2. The Wonders Of The Yellowstone (Part 1)
3. The Wonders Of The Yellowstone (Part 2) (Section 1)
4. The Wonders Of The Yellowstone (Part 2) (Section 2)
5. More About The Yellowstone
6. Yellowstone National Park (Part 1)
7. Yellowstone National Park (Part 2)
8. Thirty-Seven Days Of Peril (Part 1)
9. Thirty-Seven Days Of Peril (Part 2)

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Lost in the wilderness of The Yellowstone for over a month, nearly dying of starvation and wild animal attack, despairing of ever finding his way out. Here are six relatively unknown early pieces about the U.S.A.’s first national park. The first is a U.S. Geological booklet about initial exploration and Congress’s institution of the park. The next two are articles from Scribner’s Monthly, 1871, a very popular magazine of the time, describing the park’s features (vol 2 #1 pp 1-17 and vol 2 #2 pp 113-128) . The fourth piece is a narrative by the leader of the exploratory expedition described in the first piece, H.V. Hayden (Scribner’s Monthly, vol 3#2 pp 388-396, February 1872) The fifth piece is a lecture on the park by a very popular lecturer and writer, 1900 (John L. Stoddard’s Lectures, vol 10). The last piece is a man’s first-person narrative of his being lost in the Yellowstone wilderness for thirty-seven days, 1871, Scribner’s Monthly again (vol 3#1).