First World War Centenary Poetry Collection cover

First World War Centenary Poetry Collection


1. Preface to Poems by Wilfred Owen
2. For the Fallen
3. Мама и убитый немцами вечер (Mama i ubity nemcami vecher)
4. To Germany
5. Range-finding
6. The Red Flower
7. Wildgänse rauschen durch die Nacht
8. Dulce et Decorum Est
9. Glory of Women
10. There Will Come Soft Rains
11. Lament in 1915 (B. H. W.)
12. Not to Keep
13. In Flanders Fields
14. Vernichtung
15. I Have a Rendezvous with Death
16. Alan Seeger
17. Espasmo
18. The Chances
19. Au Reichstag
20. Scots of the Riverina
21. The Star of Australasia
22. The Hosts
23. Lines
24. Wie in de loopgraaf ligt
25. Suicide in Trenches
26. Conscious
27. An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
28. The Road not Taken
29. As the Team's Head-Brass
30. Slachtveld
31. The Next War
32. Exaltação da paz
33. The Messages
34. A New John Bull
35. Champagne (1914-15)
36. Berliner Gerüchte
37. Selections from Severn and Somme
38. Langemarck at Ypres
39. Malédiction
40. Ode in Memory of the American Volunteers Fallen for France
41. The Dead
42. At the Somme Under the Tricolour
43. Война Объявлена (Vojna Obyavlena)
44. Louse Hunting
45. Maktoob
46. There's Another Blessed Horse Fell Down
47. The White Comrade
48. Im Osten
49. Edith Cavell
50. Op de oorlogsgrens
51. Anthem for Doomed Youth
52. The Price of Peace
53. To E. T.
54. Does It Matter?
55. Aan die komen
56. The Healers
57. Might and Right
58. To His Love
59. The Harvest Moon

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This collection of poetry, with its companion prose collection, commemorates the outbreak of the First World War on 28th July 1914. Most of the poetry, all chosen by the readers, is in English, but the collection also includes poems in Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Russian. Please note that some poems are still protected by copyright in countries which observe copyright laws based on the author's date of death. The majority of the poems were written during the war itself, but some poems have been included for their relevance in other ways. For more information about each poem, please see this document (PDF format), which also shows the poets' dates of death.