The Wonderful Bed cover

The Wonderful Bed

Gertrude Knevels (1881-1962)

1. 01 Aunt Jane’s Old Toys
2. 02 The Angry Warming-Pan
3. 03 A Visit to the Goose
4. 04 The False Hare
5. 05 Real Live Pirates
6. 06 Aboard the Merry Mouser
7. 07 Catnip Island
8. 08 Mutiny On Board
9. 09 Captain Jinks
10. 10 Meeting A Queen
11. 11 The Good Dreams
12. 12 Enter The Knight-Mare
13. 13 The Bad Dreams
14. 14 In The Hollow Tree
15. 15 Commander-In-Chief

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Three children sent to stay the night with their Aunt Jane find themselves sharing an enormous bed. So enormous is it, that when they make a tent of the bedsheets and crawl in, they never make it to the foot of the bed, crawling instead into a dreamworld of caves and pirates and adventures.