Wild Life on the Rockies cover

Wild Life on the Rockies

Enos A. Mills (1870-1922)

1. 00 – Preface
2. 01 – Colorado Snow Observer
3. 02 – The Story of a Thousand-Year Pine
4. 03 – The Beaver and His Works
5. 04 – The Wilds without Firearms
6. 05 – A Watcher on the Heights
7. 06 – Climbing Long’s Peak
8. 07 – Midget, the Return Horse
9. 08 – Faithful Scotch
10. 09 – Bob and Some Other Birds
11. 10 – Kinnikinick
12. 11 – The Lodge-Pole Pine
13. 12 – Rocky Mountain Forests
14. 13 – Besieged by Bears
15. 14 – Mountain-Peaks and Camp-Fires

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“This book contains the record of a few of the many happy days and novel experiences which I have had in the wilds. For more than twenty years it has been my good fortune to live most of the time with nature, on the mountains of the West. I have made scores of long exploring rambles over the mountains in every season of the year, a nature-lover charmed with the birds and the trees. On my later excursions I have gone alone and without firearms. During three succeeding winters, in which I was a Government Experiment Officer and called the “State Snow Observer,” I scaled many of the higher peaks of the Rockies and made many studies on the upper slopes of these mountains.”



The writer is a pioneer naturalist, ecologist, conservationast. The book is fascinating and sensitively read.