Who Was Who: 5000 BC – 1914 cover

Who Was Who: 5000 BC – 1914

Irwin Leslie Gordon (1888-1954)

1. 01 Introduction and A
2. 02 B
3. 03 C
4. 04 D to E
5. 05 F to G
6. 06 H to I
7. 07 J, K, L
8. 08 M to N
9. 09 O, P, Q
10. 10 R
11. 11 S
12. 12 T to Z

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A short, humorous biography of famous people from 5000 BC to 1914. — S. McGaughey From the Introduction, “The editor begs leave to inform the public that only persons who can produce proper evidence of their demise will be admitted to Who Was Who. Press Agent notices or complimentary comments are absolutely excluded, and those offering to pay for the insertion of names will be prosecuted. As persons become eligible they will be included without solicitation, while the pages will be expurgated of others should good luck warrant.”